Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring break in Wyoming

So when most people think "Spring Break" they think of beaches, pick-nicks, bike rides, etc. Well, here in Wyoming we think SNOW. Some years spring break is, in fact, some of the best snow to enjoy. Last weekend (actually one week before spring break) we went to the cabin and had some outdoor fun of our own. We went snow machining and sledding. It was like a heat wave with temperatures in the 20's! A very special thanks to Grandma for watching the kids so that mom and dad could go for some nice snow machine rides! Here are some pictures of the kids.

I think she likes sledding

I don't think he has his driver's license yet, do you?

Snow machining with Dad Smiles all around (even though you can't see Hunter's under his "mask")

Snow machining with Mom
P.S. the pictures were just posed, when we really went on a snow machine ride, we wore helmets, but it's too hard to see faces with helmets on!

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