Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Halloween (better late than never)

Here are some of the pictures from our Halloween festivities. Justin was Elk hunting Wednesday and Thursday then had open gym on Friday after school, so... we tried to pack it all into a few hours Friday night, but I think it went well. We did make some Halloween cookies with the cousins earlier in the week, but the rest we did on Halloween. We carved pumpkins, decorated, and went trick or treating. We went to the Care Center (since I work there) and then made a few stops (Jaymie's, Kari and Mike's, etc.)and hit a few of the neighborhood streets. There was a trunk or treat, but it was not well advertised because we didn't know ANYTHING about it until it was almost over.

My little stinkers
The back view

Pumpkin #1 (Hunter's)

Pumpkin #2 (Natalie's)

Natalie "gutting" the pumpkins

Sadly the BEST picture I took of the kids and their cookies

The cookies
Kelli made the top three, Natalie's is bottom left Hunter's is bottom right
( I also didn't get any pictures of the cousins and their cookies, I know bad aunt!
I was a little preoccupied trying to help 6 kids make cookies and we only had about an hour.)

Hunter learned this song from his Grandma Walker

(Justin used to sing it when he was little)

Friday, November 7, 2008

From the mouths of babes...

Since Justin has the camera on his father-son bonding hunting trip this weekend, I can't post the Halloween stuff yet, so here's something else. Inspired by a post of Amber's ( a while ago) I decided to keep track of some of the things that Hunter says that make me laugh. I think that he says something every day. So here are some things from the last week or so.

1. I had gotten an e-mail with funny things that kids had said when asked "what is love" so I asked Hunter and he said... "Its this" and gave me a big hug and a kiss.

2. My parents sent a box in the mail and aside from all the great stuff for everyone inside there were also some packing peanuts. Hunter climbed into the box and started throwing the peanuts into the air and shouting, "Hip, Hip, Parade."

3. When playing with his cars, he always starts of with "ladies and gentlemen" (said just like the "announcer guy" you know what I mean) then follows with something like "now here is the green car" as he drives it off the table.

4. He has started a phase of sometimes talking baby balk. So I'll say, "Hunter, talk like a big boy, please." One of the first times I said it he repeated EXACTLY what he had just said in a deeper voice.

5. After playing outside, "Mom, that was a great adventure wasn't it?"

6. We were sitting down for dinner and I was up getting one more thing from the kitchen. Hunter says, "Hey Kel, you say the blessing please." Then he folded his arms and closed his eyes. So I did!

7. He's always saying "that's not for babies, that's for big boys." Especially when Natalie is trying to play with his toys. He has recently added, "that's not for babies or for big boys, that's only for daddies (or mommies)" for anything I've asked him not to touch.

8. He often follows ANY suggestion he makes with, "that's a great idea!"

9. I was going through some boxes in the office looking for something and had some things out on the floor. Hunter came in and said, "Mom, did you make this mess?" with his hands on his hips. I said, "yes Hunter, I'm just looking for something." Hunter says, "Mom, it makes me sad when you do this, clean it up, please." I said, "Hunter, you don't have to be sad, I'll clean it up when I find when I'm looking for." A few minutes later he came back, "Mom, I SAID CLEAN IT UP, PLEASE." I said, "OK Hunter, I am." I could hardly keep from laughing.
I couldn't believe his tone, he was SO serious. It made me really think about what I say to him, do I REALLY sound like that? I must for him to say something like that .

10. On our way to Colorado for Camp Grandma, Hunter kept singing the Campbell's soup jingle in different voices, soft, loud, scary, deep... he just keep singing, "Campbell's tomato soup, Possibilities." I almost had to pull over.

11. Again on our way to Colorado, we got stuck in a traffic jam about 3 miles from our exit on I-25. Hunter asked me to roll down his window, when I did he Yelled, "Hey, move, get out of my way, I'm trying to go to Pop Pop's house!" Some people heard and just laughed.

12. In Nursery at church they made a book about Jesus Christ. When Justin picked him up from Nursery he said, "Dad, look. This is my book about Jesus Norman." We corrected him, but when I tried to figure out what he meant. I think that he was confused that He was Jesus Christ, but He was Sister Norman's brother (one of the Nursery workers).

13. I had worked a 12 hour night shift and had come home in the morning. I was getting the kids ready to take them to daycare so I could sleep. Hunter didn't want to go so I explained to him that I had worked all night while he was sleeping, and that I was really tired and needed to take a rest. He sighed and said, "OK Mom. I'll go to Jaymie's house, but only take ONE rest, OK?" I said OK and off we went.