Friday, September 25, 2009

A new friend for Zeke

We've found that our dogs seem to do better when there are two of them. Our dog Sunny passed away (unexpectedly) at the age of about 4 a few months ago. Zeke seemed fine for a while, then began chewing things, and just seemed lonely. So we had decided that once we moved we'd find him a new friend, but the opportunity came along to adopt Buddy just a few days before we were going to move. How could you pass this face up?

So we now have two dogs again. Buddy is an Akbash. They are supposed to get pretty big, like Great Pyrenese, but not as hairy. So far he seems to be living up to that! He just keeps growing and growing. He and Zeke are getting along well, and have loved the space to run, roam and explore. There was some debate about his name. Some of the choices were Jack Frost (from Hunter), Juneau, Polar, Bear, in the end we just kept calling him Buddy until we could choose a name, and it sort of stuck.

He's been a good sport with all the "playing" that the kids have done with him, or should I say done TO him!