Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hunter's first day of Kindergarten

Since Hunter's birthday is July 21st, we really debated about whether or not to send him to Kindergarten or to wait a year. We decided to send him, and his first day was August 23rd. He was SO excited, especially about riding the bus. I had to convince him to let me take him the first day. I had a hard time leaving him, but at least I wasn't the only one, there were about 6 moms who just sort of hung around after school started. Gradually we all started leaving (and I wasn't even the last one there.)

My goal was to make it to the car before I started crying, and I was close, I made it to the parking lot. I still can't believe that he is in Kindergarten! He has been LOVING it. It is a very long day, he leaves the house with Justin at about 7:30 and gets off the bus at 4:30. He fell asleep on the bus the first day, but has managed to stay awake since then. Natalie asks about 6 times a day if we can go get Hunter.

We are thrilled that he likes school so much, I just wish he could tell me what he does! All I ever hear about is recess, P.E., art and music. Thank goodness for the weekly newsletter that Mrs. Pattison sends home.

Here he is listening attentively

In front of the school

With his brother and sister (and yes those two are still in their pajamas)