Monday, March 15, 2010

The house update

The Progress:

The "hole" for the basement so far

Another view of the "hole"

The Set backs:

The broken backhoe

The truck that came to fix the backhoe, VERY stuck

The water that showed up in the "hole" for the basement

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Breaking ground

I realized that many of you may not be updated on the house situation. We did sell our house in Green River in November. Once that was off our plate we started looking for some land. We have really enjoyed living in Pavillion, and decided that we could stay (as long and Justin continued to have a job here). After some encouraging comments from the Principal at the high school, we made an offer on some land. It is 35 acres with power and a well already there. They accepted our offer and so last month we became land owners. We have been working on house plans and just waiting until the ground was thawed enough to start digging. After the last few days of near 50 degree weather, and the fact that our land has a slight slope that is south facing, we thought that we might be close. Justin went out to dig a "test" hole and see if we could start digging, and the verdict was "yes!" So we have officially broken ground for the house. Granted it is just a hole about 1 ft wide by 18 in deep....but still we have broken ground! As soon as we can get a backhoe here, the real digging will begin!

The kids "digging" the hole