Thursday, January 31, 2008

Finally caught up with technology

So we finally caught up with technology and started a blog. Hopefully we can keep it up to date! To start things out, we'll give a quick "status reoprt" of the Walkers.
We recently moved to Green River, WY in July when Justin accepeted his first teaching position. He teaches P.E. and Health; some of his classes are at the High school and some are at the alternative school. He is also coaching the JV girls basketball team. Kelli was comuting to Laramie for 1 month after the move to keep insurance coverage. She really loved her job as a nurse on the surgical unit. Shortly after moving we had two big events; Hunter turned two and Natalie was born. Kelli decided to take some time off to stay home with the kids (especially since Natalie won't take a bottle!) Everyone couldn't be happier!