Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Natalie is ONE! We can hardly believe it. She is such a sweet girl; she is always smiling and loves to give hugs and kisses. We love you sweet baby girl! Here are some of our favorite Natalie moments from her birthday party and the week of her birthday.

The princess (complete with b-day crown and fancy bib) and her dad
Her hair is FINALLY long enough for some pigtails!!

Stinker face (this is the picture that was on her b-day invitations

it said, "don't be a stinker, come to my party!")

The before cake picture...

The after cake picture. It was so cute, she only picked off the fruit,

she didn't even eat any of the cake!

Playing with her new kitchen

Here is a video that we took and Natalie just being Natalie

She is such a girl, she loves to put lotion on after her bath,

apparently I didn't put enough on, so she had to do some herself.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jamaica, Mon

As a very generous gift Kelli's parents (AKA Grandma and Pop Pop) took everyone to Jamaica for an early Christmas. We all had a blast! We stayed at the Sunset Jamaica Grand resort and went snorkeling, sailing, wind surfing, swimming, climbed The Dunn's River Falls, got to touch some Dolphins, Kelli got her hair braided and we ate a TON of food and drank A LOT of virgin Miami vices. (strawberry daiquiri and pina colada combined, yum...)

Justin, Kelli, Hunter and Natalie
On our way to Dunn's River Falls (Grandma stayed at the resort with Natalie because they wouldn't let her go) Notice Pop Pop's new outfit, since his luggage was lost, he says that he's "blending in" with the natives
Hunter and Aunt Shannon building a sand castle
Grandma and Pop Pop with the kids in the pool. (Its foggy because the camera went from the cold air conditioned room to outside)
There were only a few downsides to the trip; Justin got stung by a Jelly fish, Natalie got bit by a parrot, and they lost Pop Pop's luggage. (It took two days to get it back, because in Jamaica, its "island time" meaning that there is no sense of urgency, literally "no worries.")

Jelly fish track marks

This is Bob, he's the parrot that bit Natalie

One of the hits of the trip was that Hunter won a dance contest! (well it was a tie with another kid) The videos are pretty funny, so see for yourself!

He became famous at the resort for the rest of the week as Hunter from Jamaica.

P.S. If you want to see some more pictures of the trip go to