Monday, March 7, 2011

Tanner at 9 months

Tanner is now 9 months old. He is a busy boy! He loves to crawl and laugh. There are some days where it doesn't seem to matter what you are doing, it will make him laugh. He has been crawling for about a month, and has loved being able to get around himself, and follow his big brother and sister.

He hasn't quite figured out the sippy yet, so mom is worried about weaning, since he still nurses 4 or 5 times a day. But we are still working on the sippy and offering it several times a day.

He went through a phase where he wouldn't eat baby food. One day eating like a champ, then the next wouldn't eat anything I tried to feed him. He LOVES to feed himself. It got a little creative trying to find foods that he could feed himself, and we got really good at cutting things up small enough to keep from choking but big enough for him to pick up. He makes a HUGE mess, but seems to be getting enough.

Stats from his 9 month check up:
Length: 28"
Weight: 17 lbs. 7.6 oz

Crawling in the dining room

"driving" the car

One of his "everything is funny days"

(p.s. Sorry it is sideways)