Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goodbye Speedy

The other day we said, "goodbye" to our lizard, Speedy. He was a green anole who was given to Hunter by one of the basketball girls in Star Valley. The kids had fun holding him and letting him jump around. Unfortunately, Speedy was a lizard who would only eat live crickets. In Star Valley, that meant driving to Etna (about 30 minutes each way), here that meant catching small grasshoppers in the yard because there was nowhere to buy crickets close by. I had been feeling guilty, because late in the season we were having some trouble finding grass hoppers who were small enough for him. So I had bought some crickets and a nicer cage for him while in Idaho Falls...and he died the next day. The Kids are sad that he is gone (mom is a little relieved) but now I have a nice Green Anole cage from PetsMart that has never been opened. Hopefully they will still take it back by the time I can get to another PetsMart!

So the kids say, "goodbye Speedy, we will miss you." Mom says, "Goodbye long drives to buy live crickets!" (Does that make me a horrible person?)

Look closely, he's holding Speedy