Friday, January 29, 2010

And the baby is a...


*Now, we are not shy in this family. If that is what something is called, it is not a bad word, including anatomy, so please note that there may be some words that you would not appreciate, but that is what it is called, and it is a direct quote.*

That's right. We had our 20 week ultrasound on Wednesday, and we are having a boy. It was actually very funny, we took the kids with us, and they were good, but it didn't seem like they were paying very much attention. The doctor had started out with some of the medical stuff, looking at and measuring the heart, head, abdomen, kidneys, etc. The kids were a little distracted. He would pause on a picture, and type in some text, then explain something. Then he paused on a picture, ( I was smiling, because I realized what it was) and was about to type something and Natalie said, "Hey, look at that, that's a penis!" the doctor said, "you're right, it is." and typed "looks like a boy" on the screen. Everyone laughed and laughed!

So obvious enough to a 2 year old, it's a boy!

Here are some of the pictures, we had a hard time getting some good face pictures, he had his arm over his face and was snuggling up against the placenta! But here is what we got. (I'll spare you the gender revealing picture, and just post some face pictures.)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009

This year for Christmas we went to Colorado. It was great to see everyone there. Kelli's Grandpa and Uncle flew in from Arizona and her sister and Dave (Shannon's boyfriend) flew in from Wisconsin. So after our 3 hour detour because I-25 was closed at the Wyoming-Colorado border, we were all there!

This is the "before picture" Everyone was very generous!
But, where are we supposed the sit?

This is Hunter's "knight suit" that he got from Santa

We got my parents some frames, and we wanted to
have a picture of the four kids to put in it
(this was my favorite because you can't tell I'm pregnant
well, at least not very well)

No trip to Grandma and Pop Pop's is complete without
hot tubbing.....

Or sledding.....

More sledding...
(One day of sledding wasn't enough, we had to go again!)

Or a trip to Chuck E. Cheese!
This is Hunter's favorite ride, its a 3D simulator of
a roller coaster

Natalie's favorite ride: driving and talking on the phone!

Everyone had a blast. And it still feels like Christmas everyday when the kids have a new toy to get out and play with. We also did some shopping and saw The Princess and the Frog. It was a cute movie and the kids really liked it.
Thanks everyone for a very Merry Christmas 2009.