Tuesday, April 27, 2010

House update

So the house is coming along well. Since the last update we moved the house away from the canal a little and decided to have it sit up out of the ground a little more. We did not hit water in the new hole, but decided to put in a foundation drain just in case. We now have the basement walls all framed and the sub floor for the upstairs done. We've had a few delays due to weather, but seem to be making good progress!

The kids have had fun running through the walls and telling everyone who will listen what all the rooms will be.

After they poured the basement floor

Grandpa working on framing in the basement interior walls

The basement all framed in with the garage off to the right,
floor joists on and main floor sub floor on too

The basement, complete with stairs!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


For Easter weekend this year the kids and I made a trip to Colorado to see Grandma and Pop Pop. I had decided that it would probably be the last weekend that I wanted to travel that far, and Justin had a lot to get done on the house. We did come home Saturday night so that we could spend Easter with Justin (since he wouldn't be working on Sunday anyway.) While we were there the kids got their traditional Easter outfits from Grandma, we went to Chuck E. Cheese and W.O.W., saw the Easter Bunny, ate out and got some new toys. We went to two Easter egg "hunts" (the eggs were just scattered over the ground). The kids dyed eggs with Pop Pop, while Mom went to Costco with Grandma, it was a great weekend.

The kids in their Easter outfits (even though it was a week later)
and yes, Grandma did get a matching dress for Natalie's baby

Natalie and Grandma at one of the Easter egg "hunts"

Hunter at one of the Easter egg "hunts"

The eggs we dyed at home, and yes, the are ALL broken
Natalie doesn't quite get the "gently" part yet

showing off their handy work

Monday, April 12, 2010

Boys day out and girls day in

A few weeks ago Justin and Hunter went to the Butler Vs Kansas State game. Which is even more cool now that Butler made it to the championship game. They met Ben and Jared (and Mel) there and took Beau along with them. They were really excited to go, but Natalie was feeling a little left out, so we decided that while the boys were having their fun day out, we would have our fun day in. I think we all had a fun day!

The boys ate out and had lots of treats at the game. Hunter told me all about being able to use licorice as a straw for his pop. Hunter had fun watching the game and playing with his cousin Jared. Justin said he did well with all the time in the car, and had a blast spending all day with his dad.
Justin and Hunter at the game

Hunter and Jared-Can you tell they are related?

The girls had two "tea" parties and painted our toenails. I found out the hard way that in a two year old's mind it is "fair" if Mom paints your toenails, then you get to paint Mom's!

Natalie at the "tea" party (she wanted pink food)

The toenails

A close-up of Natalie's handy work