Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break & Hanging with the Hale kids

So our spring break included ice fishing, sledding and snow machining. The weather in Star Valley was bad, so we left for the cabin...where the weather was not much better. Jamie and Ben and their kids, and Kari and Maya were there as well, so even on the days it was too cold to go outside we had fun. The highlight of the week was going swimming at the rec center in Pinedale. (Hunter still mentions it in his prayers..."thank you that we could go swimming inside in the big pool, with the big slide and the submarine...") But sadly I have no pictures of the swimming. Here are some of the pictures of the days we did brave the weather outside, and the day after we got back when Jared, Kaylee, Whitnee and Aubree came to play in the front yard.

Sledding is always better when you get a ride up the hill from Grandpa

Natalie checking out Hunter's fish

Hunter posing with Justin and his fish

"the girls" on the ice fishing trip

Some of the kids in the front yard

An action shot of the snowball fight