Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fun in the snow...or car?

The other day we took the kids sledding in Grandpa's "pond"( Hunter calls it Grandpa's big hole). One of the lots in the subdivision where our barn is (and where the house will be) has a reclaimed gravel pit that will be a pond someday, for now, its a big hole that's great for sledding. Natalie and I got in the car to move it to the other side of the hole, and she wouldn't come out. She just took off her boots and gloves, sat in the heated seat and smiled and smiled. I tried to get her to come back outside but she said, "NO, NO , NO" ( to get an accurate picture of this, imagine her shaking her head and waging her little finger at the same time). We have also been building snow men, and a snow fort!
We have noticed that Natalie and Hunter are very different. Hunter plays and plays and never complains that he is cold. He helped with the snowman and fort, and carried his sled up the hill by himself MANY times. Natalie doesn't like to be put down, she doesn't like to sled, and she only lasts about 10 minutes outside. We are hoping that this changes once she can move in her snow clothes! But here are some pictures of the fun.

Hunter and Justin after sledding

Sledding in the hole

Natalie in the car

The snow fort (notice Natalie is not in the picture, she was already inside)

The green is some colored water we added, just for fun

The snowman (and Natalie is smiling, maybe there is hope for her)