Monday, December 22, 2008

You should see the other guy...

So just kidding about "the other guy" because the other guy was a tile floor and all that happened to "him" was getting covered in Hunter's blood. Hunter got his first stitches the other day. We were at the bank and he just tripped and fell. He smacked his chin and ended up needing two stitches. Sorry that the pictures are so bad, I was having a hard time getting him to stay still. I guess its better for him to be still while he is getting the stitches and wiggly for the pictures.

Here they are!

Notice the blood on his shirt

(and messy face from his treat for being a good boy at the ER)

Friday, December 5, 2008

ELF yourself results

We saw this on a Friend's blog and laughed and laughed. Hunter wanted to play this over and over again, so have a laugh at our bobble headed expense.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Camp Grandma 2008

Kelli's parents (Grandma and Pop-Pop) have a tradition that every year they get all the grand kids together and keep them for about a week. This tradition was started by Kelli's grandma; who called it "Camp Grandma." The first two years it was just Hunter, and this year it was just Hunter and Natalie, which made the scheduling a little easier. Kelli is starting to wonder if Hunter may be driving before he has cousins on her side of the family! (Just teasing Shannon, Pat and Quinn :-)) They went for about a week just before Halloween; this was the first time Natalie had been left overnight. Kelli went down with the kids and stayed the weekend to make sure that Natalie would do OK, and she did great, so Kelli left them for a week and Grandma and Pop-Pop drove them back. To see the WHOLE slide show go to, but here are some highlights. They went to Ocean Journey, the pumpkin patch, the Butterfly Pavilion, jumped on the trampoline, played with the new puppies and lots of fun stuff.

Making a "candy house"

Making a "candy house"

The super heroes protecting the kitchen

Posing at the pumpkin patch