Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hunter was old enough for soccer this year. He was so excited to play. He had a good season and ended up scoring 3 goals throughout the season. The way they do soccer here, he played with the 6 and under kids and they play 3 Vs. 3 with no goalie on a very small field. The teams have 6 or 7 kids and they play 4- 8 minute quarters. It seemed to work pretty well and cut down on the amoeba effect where all the kids surround the ball and kick each other in the shins.

It was a cold April and May so most of the games were pretty chilly, but we still had fun. Hunter seemed to fall down a lot, but really tried to listen to his coach and seemed to have improved by the end of the season.

Note: the teams alternate between red and blue, so sometimes he is in blue and sometimes he is in red.

Hunter showing off his new cleats, shin guards and socks

Hunter in action

Half time = snack time

Hunter freezing before the game

I managed to catch a goal on video, I didn't get any of the lead up to the goal but the celebration after is the best anyways!