Wednesday, April 21, 2010


For Easter weekend this year the kids and I made a trip to Colorado to see Grandma and Pop Pop. I had decided that it would probably be the last weekend that I wanted to travel that far, and Justin had a lot to get done on the house. We did come home Saturday night so that we could spend Easter with Justin (since he wouldn't be working on Sunday anyway.) While we were there the kids got their traditional Easter outfits from Grandma, we went to Chuck E. Cheese and W.O.W., saw the Easter Bunny, ate out and got some new toys. We went to two Easter egg "hunts" (the eggs were just scattered over the ground). The kids dyed eggs with Pop Pop, while Mom went to Costco with Grandma, it was a great weekend.

The kids in their Easter outfits (even though it was a week later)
and yes, Grandma did get a matching dress for Natalie's baby

Natalie and Grandma at one of the Easter egg "hunts"

Hunter at one of the Easter egg "hunts"

The eggs we dyed at home, and yes, the are ALL broken
Natalie doesn't quite get the "gently" part yet

showing off their handy work


Phillips Family said...

We are shocked that Natalie has not only a doll in her hands, but a doll with a matching dress. Hope all is going well. The final count down...hope you are comfortable.

Kimbo said...

Oh my goodness Natalie's easter dress is so cute! What a pretty little girl :)