Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Halloween (better late than never)

Here are some of the pictures from our Halloween festivities. Justin was Elk hunting Wednesday and Thursday then had open gym on Friday after school, so... we tried to pack it all into a few hours Friday night, but I think it went well. We did make some Halloween cookies with the cousins earlier in the week, but the rest we did on Halloween. We carved pumpkins, decorated, and went trick or treating. We went to the Care Center (since I work there) and then made a few stops (Jaymie's, Kari and Mike's, etc.)and hit a few of the neighborhood streets. There was a trunk or treat, but it was not well advertised because we didn't know ANYTHING about it until it was almost over.

My little stinkers
The back view

Pumpkin #1 (Hunter's)

Pumpkin #2 (Natalie's)

Natalie "gutting" the pumpkins

Sadly the BEST picture I took of the kids and their cookies

The cookies
Kelli made the top three, Natalie's is bottom left Hunter's is bottom right
( I also didn't get any pictures of the cousins and their cookies, I know bad aunt!
I was a little preoccupied trying to help 6 kids make cookies and we only had about an hour.)

Hunter learned this song from his Grandma Walker

(Justin used to sing it when he was little)


Venturing Vosses said...

Looks like a pretty fun Halloween! I love those "stinkers". Hope life in the valley is super. Are you working at all? If so where?
I'm at biolife....funny huh...I never saw myself going there but I am enjoying it.

Tim, Katy, Isabel and baby said...

Hi Kelli, it's Katy Redmon (you were my preceptor). I can't believe I found your blog. I found it on Sherilyn's. Your kids are adorable, it is a great way to catch up on how you are doing. How is everything else?

Ruthie said...

Soooo funny!! I love the costumes!! And the song!! That gave me a big smile; Thanks!!