Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Kelli

So for the next two posts, I'm gong to back date them to the actual birthday date, I know it's cheating, but you have to have a blog post ON your birthday, even if it is written later. :-)

So, since we loaded up the two trucks and trailers, hauled them over then unloaded them in one day (the day before my birthday) we decided to celebrate it later. My parents still had the kids, so on my actual birthday Justin and I did go out to dinner, but we were pretty wiped out! Plus, we were trying to put most of the stuff away BEFORE we had small helping hands!
Justin had asked me what I wanted him to make for my birthday, and I said that I didn't care as long as I didn't have to make it. So this is what he came up with:
He made some parmesan crusted chicken topped with pepperjack cheese, sautéed mushrooms, a spinach salad and some fresh pineapple! He said that we were watching The Food Network one night a few months ago and someone made this , and I said, "Oh, that looks good, and easy too." I don't remember that, but he did and remembered well enough to replicate it. Then he had made a cake too, it was GREAT.

The cake ( I appreciated not having 27 candles!)
The birthday guests (sorry its fuzzy)

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Carl and Amber said...

You still haven't opened the e-card that I sent you!! I bet it was delivered to your junk box. How has the move gone?